Neutral Exchanges

Kids First serves as a neutral exchange location for parents who need help exchanging their children peacefully.

We provide a child-friendly environment that ensures a smooth transition for children from one parent to the other without the parents meeting. Kids First also coaches parents so they can work toward having conflict-free exchanges on their own. Exchanges are free.

Parents should consider using Kids First’s services if their children are caught in the crossfire of disagreements when parents pick up or drop off the kids for visits. Consider the children. If they are anxious about the exchange it might be in their best interest for parents to use a neutral location like Kids First.

What happens at an exchange at Kids First?

Parents come to separate parking lots on opposite sides of the building. Parents use separate entrances and waiting areas. Kids First staff accompany the child from one parent to the other.

When appropriate, Kids First will provide support and coaching for parents so they can take steps toward having unassisted exchanges.

What are the hours?

Hours are flexible and depend upon the availability of Kids First staff. Evening and weekend hours are available.

Do you offer supervised visits?

No, we generally do not offer supervised parenting time.

Who can participate in exchanges?

Any separated parents may exchange their children at Kids First. Parents may participate voluntarily or by court order. This program is not available to parents whose children are in foster care. Parents may take advantage of these services whether they have a custody order or not and whether there is a court case pending or not.

How do I sign up?

To inquire about services, complete this form online or call Kids First, 319-365-5437.

Kids First Law Center

420 6th St. SE Ste. 160

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

(319) 365-5437


May 16, 2024, 8:19 AM
Kids First Law Center seeks full-time and part-time Youth Peace Project facilitators to help students resolve conflicts at school.