Legal Advocacy for Kids

Child Representation

Kids First dedicated attorneys provide free and low-cost representation to children in high-conflict divorce and custody cases. These child advocates reduce parental conflict, connect parents and children to the help they need, and make children's voices heard. Kids First attorneys help keep parents, attorneys, and judges focused on the child’s needs and concerns. This in-depth intervention helps families break patterns of conflict and makes cases more likely to resolve without a trial.

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Divorce Workshop for Kids

Divorce Workshops for Kids

Kids First offers educational workshops to school-age children of divorce in Linn and Johnson County, Iowa. Our workshops help kids understand and cope with their parents’ separation and divorce. Workshops are interactive with games, discussions, role plays and videos. Kids can take home an activity book that helps spark discussion with their parents. 

Our Workshops

Parenting Class

Joint Parenting Sessions

Parents can attend free joint parenting sessions with their ex-spouse at the Kids First Cedar Rapids location. A professional facilitator guides conversations about child-related topics. Sessions help parents reduce conflict and improve communication. When parents reach an agreement on any issue, Kids First will provide a written summary of the parenting plan that is tailored to children’s needs. Our unique child-centered approach to mediation keeps children out of the middle and motivates parents in moving forward.

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