Kids First Believes...

  • Children’s perspectives are unique and have value; therefore they deserve an advocate.
  • Exposure to chronic conflict is harmful to children.
  • People can change if they choose to.
  • Parents can learn to communicate better.
  • The best resolutions come about in families when family members acknowledge a need to change and when there is willingness to engage in compromise and flexible thinking.
  • Conflict resolution skills are a key to having successful relationships in the future.
  • Everyone deserves respect and to have their perspective understood.

...And Therefore We Offer These Services

Advocating for children in
high-conflict divorce and
custody cases:

Attorneys give children a voice in their parents’ custody or divorce conflict by providing focused legal representation to the kids. They work to keep the child out of the middle but bring the child’s perspective to the forefront in the parents’ decision-making.

Child Advocate

Giving kids practical skills through divorce workshops:

Kids First Divorce Workshops are designed to help school-aged children understand and cope with their parents’ separation and divorce. Children need a safe place to ask questions, discuss their feelings, and learn how to cope with divorce.

Divorce Workshop

Helping parents put kids first with their ex-spouse:

A neutral facilitator helps ease the conversation between parents about child-related concerns such as parenting across households, communication, and custody or visitation concerns. Separated parents can participate in joint parenting sessions regardless of whether the situation is high-conflict.

Mediation Session Martin

Offering a safe place for kids to transition from one home to another:

Kids First serves as a neutral exchange location so children do not have to see or hear their parents argue when they transition from one parent’s home to the other’s. We provide the option of supervised visitation and ensure smooth transitions for children from one parent to the other.

Children of Divorce

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