Parenting with an ex may pose challenges. Parents can attend free joint parenting sessions with their ex at Kids First. A professional facilitator guides conversations about child-related topics.

Sessions help parents:mediation-session-laura-martin

  • Find common ground
  • Reduce conflict & improve communication
  • Resolve parenting time disputes
  • Craft parenting plans

Our unique child-centered approach helps keep kids out of the middle and parents moving forward.

What happens in a session?

Kids First ensures each session is productive by keeping parents focused on specific child-related concerns, by encouraging respectful dialogue, and by identifying child-focused solutions when parents reach an impasse. When parents reach an agreement on any issue, Kids First will provide a written summary of the parenting plan. Parenting plans are tailored to children’s needs and individualized to a particular family.

At either parent’s request, the Kids First facilitator can provide information or resources related to parenting across households.

If both parents agree, Kids First can meet separately with the school-aged children in the family to obtain children’s input.

Who can attend sessions?

Kids First can help parents who live separately and have minor children (ages 0-17) together. Parents may take advantage of these services whether they have a custody order or not and whether there is a court case pending or not.

This program is not available to parents whose children are in foster care.

How do I sign up?

To inquire about services, complete this form online or call Kids First at 319-365-5437.